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Ok fellas, ive installed aftermarket heated seats and want to use the factory switches.

The factory switches are momentary signal rocker switches that have 5 wires: power in, ground, high led driver, low led driver, and the signal wire. The signal wire sends signals to turn on or off the high setting on the seats(12V) and low setting on the seats (5V), and a (1.5) volt reference signal. So the vast majority of the time the switch sends out a 1.5 volt signal, but when you press the "high" setting on the switch, it momentairly stops the 1.5v signal and sends a 12 volt signal and the seats turn on in the high setting. If "high" is pressed on the switch again, the same 12 volt signal turns off the seats. Same goes for the "low" position on the switch, only it sends out a 5 volt signal.

If these signals were constant and split up between 2 or 3 wires i would not be writing this. I need some help creating a circuit that will adapt this signal to do the function of the 3 position rocker switch that came with the kit. stop me if im wrong but, im already thinking of 2 latching relays (given that the signals are momentairy) , one for low and one for high, but not sure how to properly channel the correct signal to the correct relay. Just FYI The 1.5V reference signal it totally unneeded in this application so it can (i think) go right to ground.

What do i need to make this happen?
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