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I just wanted to let everyone know about this so it doesnt happen to them. This is not vendor bashing, and if it needs to be moved then so be it.

On September 16th I go to www.1aauto.com and order an ac bypass pulley for the 1995 4.3 v-6 I have in my 4runner. They had the part in stock and the transaction went fine. When I received the confirmation email it led me to an online survey to finalize the transaction. No big deal, do the survey, move on with my life. Bank account gets charged, and I get an email telling me that it has been charged. Email says shipping should be 4-5 business days, no biggie, they are on the east coast and Im in CA.

Well October 2nd rolls around and still no part, so I call them to see whats up. Come to find out they cancelled my order and returned my money. It seems that on the survey I filled out it asked the vehicle that I own. I naturally put 1985 Toyota 4runner. Well apparently they compared the part I ordered to the survey and realized that it wont fit so they cancelled the order and refunded my money.

I talked to the sales guy there and explained the situation, took a little while, but he finally got it. There is only one space to enter "vehicle you own" information on the survey. I have several vehicles, so I just put the one that I was working on that day.

They were kind enough to 2nd day me the part at no charge cause I need it to go to the shop tonight, so they totally made it right by me.

Moral of this whole rant is that, when working with said website, make sure you put the vehicle that the thing came out of that you are working on because they will compare it and cancel your order. I know that this is basically the online equivilent of walking into Kragen and getting the runaround from the parts counter guy. Overall it didnt really effect my life, but it might for someone else.

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