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April 29, 2001

sent via FAX, Email, and US Mail

The Honorable Ann Veneman
Secretary of Agriculture                                                  
  STATUS: High Priority  
14th & Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20250

Re: “Unroaded” Areas  and Current Forest Plan Revisions

Dear Secretary Veneman:

Since your office and the Bush administration are reviewing Clinton’s
Roadless, Road Transportation, and Planning Rules, I wanted to make you
aware that apparently a
number of national forests are undergoing Forest Plan Revisions and are
identifying “unroaded” areas on maps for public comment.

As you know, the new term “unroaded” is one of the more controversial
aspects of the aforementioned rule
triad.  I believe that “unroaded” first surfaced in the interim road rule
which then bifurcated into the forest triad.  Currently, the term
“unroaded” resides primarily in the
Planning Rule which means it is also implicitly or explicitly
in the Roadless and Road Transportation Rules as well.  This new
non-Congressionally approved “unroaded” land classification is causing our
members a great deal of concern
because “unroaded” areas can contain legal and existing recreational roads,
trails, and campgrounds.  And, these new areas must now be counted as quasi
or potential
designated Wilderness (RARE III ?) areas (and  may/could even be managed as
such in the interim) by the agency.

Please help clarify this issue because it appears some forests (including
the San Bernardino National Forest and
other Region 5 Forests) are already mapping “unroaded” areas and asking the
public for comments.  

Thanks for your time in this all too important matter and I look forward to
your response.



Don Amador
Western Representative
BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc.
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561
(925) 625-6287 Office

cc: Chief Dale Bosworth
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