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This post is a revision of another I had on here (edited to remove any potentially confusing content).

Vic from Advance Adapters (slo-vic on PBB) was kind enough to shoot me a bunch of pictures to get this matter cleared up.

Jesse at High Angle Driveline also helped to dig up some info for me.

Thanks to the both of them.

Both of A/A's HD 32 spline d300 rear output kits (the long tail and short tail kits) use the same aluminum output casting with different machining operations. That means that both kits are setup to accept the late model "dial-a-gear" type speedometers.

A/A's short tail kit (P/N 50-3034) includes an adapter that converts that "dial-a-gear" speedo hookup to the old style cable setup which is what short tail Jeep d300's originally came with. If you're like me and will be using a short tail d300 case with a late model (TJ) speedo, you simply omit that adapter and plug the VSS sensor right into the housing.

The primary difference between the short tail and long tail kits is the bolt pattern that mates the aluminum output housing to the cast iron case. The two pictures below show the difference in the bolt patterns.

The pictures should help others to determine exactly which d300 they have (short or long tail) and therefore which kit to order. Hopefully this will help others avoid any confusion in the future ... and avoid any extraneous phone calls and e-mails to Jesse and Vic. ;)

cm "seeker of answers" k
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