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I bought this one not too long ago and its a great unit it just does not have all the features i wanted it to have so I upgraded once again to the 276c. Comes with ciggy adaptor and a mount. Some things you might want are a data card usb card drive but other than that this thing is pretty damn nice... its big and in color! Great for the car or on the water! $250

"The GPSMAP 176C is a 12 parallel channel, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with an extra-large display that makes keeping your eye on the map easy. With its 16-color TFT, you'll get a display that measures 3.80 inches diagonally and delivers a crisp picture thanks to a pixel count of 320 x 240. This ensures you'll have the best view of all the map detail in any lighting condition.

"On the inside, the GPSMAP 176C comes equipped with a built-in basemap and is enhanced by Garmin's BlueChart® marine cartography, a miniature-size chip that inserts into the unit and provides additional offshore map detail. The cartography includes detailed depth contours, inter-tidal zones, spot soundings, wrecks, navaids, port plans, restricted areas, cable areas, anchorages and much more. For use in a car, the GPSMAP 176C can accept downloadable information from most Garmin MapSource® products such as MetroGuide® U.S.A. CD-ROM (data card and usb card programmer required). A special mounting bracket is available that will allow this product to be temporarily mounted in a car."


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