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Gear ratio on a new project

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I just purchased a 1986 bullnose ford as a “project” crawler, it has a 460, C6, NP208, Dana 60 front axle swap with a sterling 10.25 welded rear diff, with 37” tires, I just checked the gear ratios after I bought it and they are 3.54 I originally assumed they were 4.10’s, will this be an issue? I always wheeled the 70’s f250’s with 4.10’s and 35’s with no issues, I am unfamiliar with 3.54’s and how this combo would perform, any input is appreciated
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460 oughta have enough ball to push that.
I know the engine will push it, I was more concerned with the gears themselves, I remember vaguely that 3.54 gears were stronger structurally in that the ring gear was thicker then 4.10’s or something like that, I’m not talking king of the hammers full throttle here but in all reality I don’t have the money for a gear swap and I’m pretty sure it will do better then most rigs, I just don’t want to blow ‘em out in front of a jeep 😂
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