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Whether you want to maintain the feel of your ride, update your vehicle’s styling with modern LEDs, or enhance your driving visibility, IPCW lights can help you make your car look great and see better! The headlights are equipped with modern projector lenses producing powerful sharp beams to improve safety and visibility in all-weather driving.

Besides improved illumination, the projector headlights boast a unique, outstanding styling. On top of that, the headlights are backed by a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Plus, they are also fully compliant with FMVSS-108/DOT/SAE requirements.

Make your Toyota Tacoma shine bright with a set of IPCW Headlights and save 5% of the original price! Now is the best time to shop! This offer is valid through June 1, 2022. Prices are already reduced.

IPCW® - Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights

IPCW® - Chrome LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights

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