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I recently purchased a 2012 JK 2-door Rubicon

The previous owner installed a Teraflex 3” base kit with Teraflex 2.1 monotube shocks.

https://teraflex.com/shop_items/jk-2-door-lift-falcon-series-2-1-monotube-shock-absorber-kit-all-4?vehicle=JK Wrangler


I recently got fairly tippy on an outing and I am looking for more flex

I would like to get more flex out of this system while utilizing as many of the parts that I already have as possible. The only thing I don’t want to sacrifice is on-road drivability.

Right now the jeep is equipped with stock control arms all around.

I do have access to fabrication tools and I have some fabrication experience. Eventually I would like to run a stretched 3-link (3” front and 6” rear) but that is many years away. And since I am not ready for my dream suspension right now, I want to minimally invest in polishing what I have now.

Option 1 – Adjustable control arms with Johnny joints all around. Would this make a considerable difference in flex? And if so, would I need new shocks? Teraflex does not even publish the max stroke of the shocks I have so if someone with real world experience could chime in that would be appreciated. Would this flex enough to need limiting straps?

Option 2 – Adjustable control arms up front + 3 link conversion in the rear. Would a 3 link in the rear require new shocks to get any benefit over Option 1?

Option 3 – Custom 3” stretch in the front (either long arm or 3 link) + COs, and leave the rear alone until I am ready to stretch it as well, which will be a while. (Basically I would only consider option three if the other options start getting so expensive that it makes sense to get the front done so I am not spending money twice.

I am sure there is a lot I do not know and am not considering, any ideas and input appreciated. I am new to linked suspensions, I used to mess with leaf sprung Toyotas so pardon my ignorance.
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