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gm 3/4ton d44 completly torn down and rebuilt with 5.89 gears on an open carrier. all bearings, gaskets and seals are brand new. it's got flat top knuckles that have been machined for steering arms. it has a sky manufacturing crossover arm on it. i built a beefy 1.5"od 1/4" wall tie rod with 3/4" heims for it. it's got a 1.75"x8" psc hydro ram. has brand new calipers and pads. spicer axleshafts with good tight ujoints and drive flanges. has custom shock mounts which i can cut off for you. also comes with a used 4.10 gear set. the axle has had 3 runs on it since being built but is still in perfect shape. i'm asking $700 for everything listed. you can see pics of it here. http://www.texas4x4.org/showthread.php?t=21238
located in houston, tx but getting it to san antone shouldn't be a problem. thanks
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