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Gm based mog build...a few ideas and questions...

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Alright...no red star yet (soon enough) so bear with me...iv been interested in this whole mog thing from day one...After seeing a few and reading as much as possible...it is definently a superior vehicle to many...and as such i want to apply some of these ideas to one of my own (probably my 75 chevy).

Portals are an obvious...with stupid reduction and the added clearence. However, i would also like to use the torquetubes and this is the question...has anybody ever successfully adapted a sm465 (or even a 203 rangebox or what haveya) to the mercedes box? I know the smaller benzos don't make gobs of power, and nor am I with a mildly modified 292 straight 6...but the motor has more breaking capability then either of my smallblock
v8s which both are far more powerful a bit higher up.

Anyway, has anyone done it? I have seen the pinion conversion done and it seems to work, but the whole torquetube/coilover idea is pretty snazzy and something like that on my primary trail truck would rawk...
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thanks thats basically what i was looking for.
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