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Aside from the stealer, what are some good sources for GM style(EFI related) plugs and pins?

In the next year or so, I'm going to do a custom EFI on my engine with a new wiring harness. While I can easily re-use em from a factory harness, I'd still like to use new pins at the minimum. This would be all connectors from ECM plugs to water temp plug.

I've already looked at Waytek and while they have the sealed plugs, they didn't have everything on my list.

Thanks in advance,

BTW, before I get the "Go buy a painless, howell, etc", I'm not doing the EFI conversion on a typical GM engine or vehicle so I need custom length for sensor locations, etc. Also, I should save money over a pre-made harness by my initial pricing:p

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Try this

Where can I find GM connectors? Get the Delphi catalog off that site (the link to the Delphi's doesn't work)

I was able to get free samples of the ODB-II connecors so I could build a scan tool for my CJ/4.0 swap. Using the OEM under dash connector on my harness, A factory TJ dash, and the connectors I got from Pioneer/Packard p/n 12110252, 12110254, 12047581.

I also picked up a cover for the under dash connector.

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