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Going SOA/shackle reversal on a CJ5 with YJ springs

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Iam going to do SOA on my 71 CJ5 with some 2.5" lift YJ springs and also do shackle reversal at the same time. For the spring mounts on the frame should i buy some or build some? I know i will need brake lines drivelines spring perches maybe steering.

Where should i get the spring perches from? Also any other help you can give me.

Thanks Todd <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep1.gif" border="0">
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Originally posted by mike:
<STRONG>HAHAH yep, so you keep saying.. I on the other hand dont believe you <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"></STRONG>
i also disagree.. check out www.jeepgod.net
there is my home made soa/shackle reversal.
1) yeah SR handles better
2) pushing the front of the spring into solid obsticles helpd you climb them. i dont have shackles to load the springs and hop into the air.
3) unless I had about 4 feet of lift, there is no way i could get away without trimming the fenders with the amount of flex i get with the sr. mine is set up a bit differently than most, but i flexes better than any shackle forward jeep i have ever seen. and i have seen most of the built jeeps on the east coast.
4) I have never broken a front driveshaft u-joint, but my driveshafts are the proper length and i dont jump my jeep.
5) i have cracked my newer frame, but i sure have cracked about 4 cj frames right behind where the stock shackles mount when the shackles were in the stock positions.
not to ruffle your feasthers, but you havent seen enough working shackle reversals if you dont thionk they are better.
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