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Going SOA/shackle reversal on a CJ5 with YJ springs

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Iam going to do SOA on my 71 CJ5 with some 2.5" lift YJ springs and also do shackle reversal at the same time. For the spring mounts on the frame should i buy some or build some? I know i will need brake lines drivelines spring perches maybe steering.

Where should i get the spring perches from? Also any other help you can give me.

Thanks Todd <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep1.gif" border="0">
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My jeep came factory with SR and I have to say I like it that way. It tracks down the road great. I feel this is a plus if you drive your jeep to the trailhead. I do seem have front wheel hop more in loose gravel/Rock ascents than my non SR compadres. I do like the way the axle moves under compression from articulation. I dont have any cracks on my frame and it is a 1955 with dana 44's and SOA alcan springs. I did see a fellow club member not make it up an obstical in moab where a SR jeep made it up fine. Both were running revolvers After reviewing our tapes we noticed that on a steep ascent the front end "opened up" and caused him to slide sidways. The SR jeep did not have that problem. I know that many of you do not run "revolting shackles" or whatever you call them but if you plan to go that route take that into consideration.

my 2 pennies.
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