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Got the new jeep home

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Here it is finally. Got it home and within 5 minutes had it running. The 6 cylinder deisel purs like a kitten. It does have a tranfercase that looks like an np 231 with a slip yoke eliminator already installed but the tag says its a model 198 am 1 with a 2.61 low range. The auto tranny looks like a huge torqueflite. And it has dana 44 8 lug hubs on the front. Its pretty generic. The transfer case has the ability to shift out of low range and has a front output as well. The rear is a dana 70 geared to hell. Does any one know about the transfer case? It looks to have the same bolt pattern as a dana 300 and the 231. If it is 23 spline I will throw on a dana 300, find a 60 front and 4 link the rear.


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It's ugly enough I like it. Those yellow flashy lights on the top are cool :D . It looks like a pretty good base to build on. Diesel, auto, and a D70. I would be suprised if the T-case input shaft and cone is different than ones used on the 208 in Dodge/Jeep/Ford/GM. If it is different, you might be able to use the input shaft from CJ10 in a 208. I think most of the GM/Dodge/Jeep 208's use rear slip joint :barf: , but the Fords use a standard yoke output.
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