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PartsAmerica ==Kragens. Common in these parts. I'll second that!

DANG just looked it up... part# 38631 $1119.99 DANG!

I bought an 8274-50 from BNTMike on the list. I was pissed as there was some funky chit... I suspect the box was opened, then resealed, as some of the stuff in it was messed with. Winch was new, but missing the mounting hardware kit plate. Plastic bushing got busted up. Didn't really need the mounting plate, but damn if I paid for it... it should have been in the box! ZERO followup from Mike. Talked to him a couple of times, he promised to have it dropped shipped from Warn. Finally got tired of wasting my time trying to get any replacement parts from him. :mad3:

Some folks gripe about CCOT... but their Winch Mount bumper looks pretty stock, and isn't bad for mounting. The winch clears the Sag steering box, all the better. :)

For mounting idea's, check the 8274 on FJ thread... winch mount

Tom :usa:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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