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Not sure what formats are avail from check in. I do believe one of them is .USR which is what Lowrance units like to use. Someone had Garmin Mapsource (.GDB format) version of last years course, too.

your roadmate wont be very useful off road and I dont believe you will be able to load the waypoints from the SD card they give you.

The best you could do is manually input the waypoints....just might take while.
When my gps shows me off road it just points me back to the closest main road. Magellan may be different.

I have ozie and you need to provide some kind of gps device for it work. You could get the waypoints imported into ozie, but then you would need something like this Garmin eTrex H to connect to the laptop you run ozie-explorer on. A laptop wouldn't survive very long out there, though.

This is a cheaper alternative

so is this
(discontinued...but you can still find them on ebay and craigslist)

Sorry I wasnt mcuh help...
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