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I've been looking for some good screwdriver and plier racks, and I haven't found any I like at all, even on the net. So...I did a little work and came up with these:

12mm aluminum test tube rack (used for screw drivers).
http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=735607&netp_id=366647&event=ESRCN&item_code=WW Hey, the christian bookstore was the cheapest, shut up.:flipoff2:

and 17mm aluminum test tube rack (used for pliers, nutdrivers, etc.)

For the 12mm screwdriver rack, I just cut the flat aluminum bottom plate off (leave the flange so you can screw it to the wall), and left the two layers with holes together. This helps the screwdrivers sit straight.

For the 17mm plier rack, I cut the bottom plate off, and cut the two pieces with holes (leaving a flange on each for screwing). The two layers together interfere with putting pliers in, plus this makes two racks out of one.

I then screwed drywall augers into the pegboard, they seem to hold quite well.

I drilled holes in the flange that was left on the racks to match up with the drywall augers, and installed.

It holds about 20-25 screwdrivers depending on handle thickness. I didn't mic them, but they appear to be .042 aluminum, although I don't think they're 6063 t6, as they're a little soft. They're plenty strong for this application, though.

I'll update when I get more of them (liked them enough to order more), and my aluminum pegboard gets shipped and installed.

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Don't beleive in a tool box ? Im all for organization like u have, very nice ! But just wondering why u prefer them on the wall vs in a box ?

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well, I have a:
drill press
water pressure tank
water softener
15'x2' work bench
air compressor
cherry picker
plasma cutter
hydraulic press
2x3x6 locker
2x6x6 shelving unit
small craftsman toolbox
weed eater
13 garden tools
push mower
fertilizer spreader
welding table
either a set of 35x12.50's or a set of 38.5x16x15's in there at all times
floor jack
table saw
chop saw/miter saw table

This is in a 20x22 garage. I like to keep anything and everything I can on the walls. Here's a few pictures of the rearranging I'm in the middle of. Every inch of wall space is used.

As you can see, there's not going to be much room left when I'm done rearranging. I'm putting everything up on the walls that can go there, to save floor space. I'm tearing down the laundry closet in the back and building it so it's just high enough for the washer to open, and storing the tires on top of the closet.

I'm doing all of this so I have room to get the project in and work on it in the air conditioning. I don't care to spend another sweaty summer cutting and welding in the 100 degree heat.

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I sure hope that aint the most current pic of the garage status......Time to really crack down and actually thow out boxes, etc, PACKRAT!!!

And I have a rule for garden tools..... woman, thats what a garden shed is for!!
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