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If you are looking for firearms, firearm accessories, knives, holsters, tactical gear, scopes, etc, let me know.

I am a Colorado Springs, based FFL-07/SOT

This means I am a licensed manufacturer and dealer in firearms and I have paid my Special Occupation Tax and am a manufacturer and dealer in NFA items. Sound suppressors, short barrel rifles, and machine guns.

I will post up stuff here that I have on hand or items that have a special running from a distributor. But I also can get just about anything you need related to firearms.

Double Star lowers are 100
Superior 10
Spikes start at $105 the color filled Bullet marked are 120
CMMG lowers 110$
Stag stripped lowers are 110
DPMS lowers are 120.
RRA Lowers are below MAP.
Sun Devil 155

add ons:
+60 for an LPK
+80 for a 6-pos stock, milspec receiver extension, spring, H-buffer
Milspec CTR 90 (tube, buffer, and spring +35)
Full MIAD 40

Some Uppers:
CMMG 10" 9mm $650
CMMG M4A1 $590
CMMG M4 $590
CMMG LW $590
Double Star M4 $450
Double Star Carbine $440
CMMG 16" midlength $590
CMMG 16" Rifle length $590
CMMG 18" ML $590
CMMG 18" rifle length $590
CMMG 20" LW $590
CMMG 20" gov $590
DS 22" HB $520
DS 24" HB fluted $550

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Here is the OD Rifle.

This is a CMMG 14.5" M4 Carbine with a perm. attached YHM 5C muzzle brake.
JP adjustable trigger
MAGPUL milspec CTR
MAGPUL full MIAD grip kit
Daniel Defence carbine rail system
ARMS 40L rear sight
This rifle is $1350 ($1300 for star members)

Accessories include:
Vickers sling
(3)Brownells 30rd magazines with MAGPUL floor plates.
(3)MAGPUL rail panels
Rifle bag
These are $140

Trijicon ACOG TA31 RCO M4

I want this! But in live in the peoples republic of new jersey. Can you even sell this to me? Please pm with details.

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PM sent for a 20" and a 16". Cause I need to stimulate my economy :evil:

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I got in two each of the 16" and 21" barrel versions. They are 550$ shipped.
Will give the folks here first crack at them before I toss them on GunBroker for 600.

I also still have 1 of the 223s and one of the 7.62x39s. These are 350 shipped.

No 12s yet :(

I have a 1941 Springfield Garand receiver. Excellent condition. $250.

DSA Type-1 metric FAL receivers 425$

JLD PTR-91 Receivers 195$

XD .45ACP $500

Taurus PT92 (M9 copy) with rail $395
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