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I have what's left of my fathers gunsmith shop items I need to sell/trade.
There are only two functioning firearms in the lot but also a half dozen requiring a part or two. I need to finish an AR for my son and need everything but the lower and parts kit.
Im going to list as much as I can stand here but really would like to deal with all of this locally as im not going to deal with FFL transfers and mailing right now.
Functioning firearms:
1) Stevens 77B 12 gauge pump with factory twist to adjust choke.
Was re-buled a few years ago and is pretty clean.
2) Stevens 887 .22 lr functioning but has a chipped front sight and cracked trigger guard "They are plastic on this model" fair condition
Non functioning:
1) Universal autowing 12 auto. Apparently a renamed us imported Franchi - AL-48 needs friction rings and a part or two in the front hand guard
2) Standart arms of Nevada 9mm compact handgun. Looks to need transfer bar, recoil rod and spring.
3) Femaru 9mm slide, barrel, frame, grips, slide, slide release, and trigger
4) 116 MK .22 stock, barrel, receiver, mag, bolts missing but some of the internals are there.
1) Browning A5 barrel "A little rust here and there"
2) box of random ruger SA parts.
3) 10/22 internals
4) a hundered or so random WOLF springs new in package
5) Winchester 1890 .22 octagon barrel and receiver "A few small internals"
6) H&R 929 .22 missing trigger related internals
7) random 1911 parts
8) M1 30 cal trigger group, mag, brass, bullets. Also may have DIES.

Then there are a whole bunch of just random gun parts.
So would like to trade for a nice upper with BCG. Not interested in a 300$ palmetto upper unless you have stuff to add to it. My son wants something 1-1.5 MOA. 556 or wylde chamber preferred. Or 300 blackout.
Please PM me for my number if you are interested. I will sell for cash but it needs to equal the cost of an upper he prefers. Depending on what you have I can lessen or sweeten the deal. I just don't want to list everything down to the nut and bolt. This well over the value of what we want.

I will try to add more as I go through it all.........
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