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Here is some more info on the Center for Biological Diversity:

From Sacramento Bee-
No environmental group in America files more endangered species cases at a more frenetic pace than the Southwest Center, which has since dropped the "Southwest" from its name to reflect its expansion into California and Oregon. Public records show that from 1994 to 1999 alone, the Center for Biological Diversity and its lawyers filed 58 lawsuits, an average of one every 32 days.

Another tidbit:
I don't know exactly where this story came from, but here is an excerpt. Kieran Suckling is the Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity. This is an extreme environmentalist organization as you can see....
"A loach minnow is more important, than say, Betty and Jim's ranch - a thousand times more important. I'm not against ranching, it is a job. My concern is the impact on the land."

From: Environmental News Service
"Protecting Surprise Canyon guards the essence of biological diversity in the California Desert," said Daniel Patterson, a desert ecologist at the Center for Biological Diversity. "Surprise Canyon is a crown jewel desert riparian area and it will now be allowed to thrive, and be sustainably enjoyed by people, without the constant attack and pollution of off roading."


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I can't beleive there is so little response to this. This is an area we need to save if you have not been down there you are missing one of the best places to wheel ever and that aint no chit

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Originally posted by twn44s:
<STRONG>I can't beleive there is so little response to this. This is an area we need to save if you have not been down there you are missing one of the best places to wheel ever and that aint no chit</STRONG>

Pretty sad isn't it. The greens raise millions of $$$ and coordinate attacks against us on a daily basis and off-roaders can't even band together to write a few letters. When will the off-road community wake up? They are coming, and their goal is no off-roading in huge swaths of land.


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Just cut and paste guys/gals
Mail to [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Senator/Ms Norton,

As an American Citizen, I want our
military to be prepared to defend our beautiful country. This is not the time to short change our nations Men and Women from desperately needed training ground.

The proposed legislation for the expansion of Ft.Irwin in HR 2586, the House Defense Authorization bill will not imperil the survival nor aid in the recovery of endangered species, including the desert tortoise and Lane Mountain milkvetch (LMMV).

I am convinced that expansion of the Army's
base at Ft. Irwin will increase our ability
to comabat terrorism, and it will not destroy any of the top reasons for defending America: our unique natural heritage, wildlife and public lands and public access to them. Quite the opposite would be true if this proposed legislation does not pass.

I fully support the expansion of Ft. Irwin. When Congress feels it must move forward, I urge the conferees to incorporate no changes to the current version of the Ft. Irwin legislation.

Please reject any legislation that would further close off to use any portion of the Mojave desert for any purpose military or recreational.

I urge you to work to REJECT any changes and
refuse any additions to the Fort Irwin expansion provisions of the Defense Authorization legislation.


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If you live in Southern California, here is another way to help.

Saturday, November 3, 2001 will be our second rally outside the CBD office in Idyllwild. We are meeting at 11:00 to wave signs and banners and to pass out information.

Please join us in helping to educate the public on how to fight the environmental industry.

Here is a link to a writeup on the first protest: http://www.forestaccess.org/cbd-rally.php


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Any other writer's out there want to try there hand at a "Keep Johnson Valley open" letter?

Below is a more "general" letter that could be modified. The theme of "more OHVs on less and less land" is a good one to hit home.


Sample Letters
OHV Plan
Dear Representative,

Since its formal introduction on January 10, 2000, BLM's OHV Strategy has
inspired productive discussion and received general support. The 14,000
comments generated in the 30-day comment period serve as testimony to both
interest and need.

The OHV Strategy Team incorporated many of the comments from the public.
The final report, the National Management Strategy for Motorized
Off-Highway Vehicle Use on Public Lands, dated January 19, 2001, generally
offered workable strategies for the management of off-highway vehicles.

The BLM observed that OHV recreation was growing at least as fast as OHV
access was disappearing. OHV recreation had not received serious planning
attention since the mid-70's. When the agency publicly acknowledged this,
it set the stage for enthusiastic exchanges and information gathering in
2000 and 2001.

A comprehensive outline was put in place in many western states, which
were already requesting OHV coordinator staff. Twelve symposiums were held
to bring agency staff up to speed on OHV management and issues. The
motorized recreation community agreed this was necessary. With all this
effort and support, we would be remiss in not securing funding for this
most important endeavor.

This is an opportunity whose success both demands and encourages
partnerships between the private sector and BLM. The environment stands to
benefit as well.

Historically, recreation, and motorized recreation most particularly, has
received very low priorities in the budget process. This must change.
Please support funding for the BLM's OHV Recreation Strategy. It is
imperative that this funding be new funding and not a transfer from
another already deficit segment of recreation.


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