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Hard Grass Havoc - Alberta, Canada

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GET READY FOR 2014 HAVOC! July 31- August 3, 2014

HAVOC REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! All 35 spots are filled. Thank you!


If you didn't catch the action from Hard Grass Havoc 2013 - you missed a hell of a ride! Not only was it our first year putting Havoc on, it was also the first of it's kind in Canada with competitors coming from all over the US and Canada. HAVOC is a cross between Top Truck Challenge and King of the Hammers.

23 amazing rigs battled it out, but there could only be one winner of a $3000 cash prize and that was Leroy Latham from Nevada. You might remember Leroy from such competitions as Top Truck Challenge and Idaho Tuff Truck Challenge.

The competition was fierce… and the rigs were all very different - proving that this was anyone's race to win. 2014 is coming up fast - don't you want to be part of the action?

There will be a maximum of 35 competitors allowed to enter each year. This is a competition for the ELITE. This is not one for the smaller vehicles or the Sunday driver. There is no limit on what in in your rig… only that you bring your best to the event & kick some ass!

Please check out the website Home

And if you want to see hundreds of amazing photos of all the competitors, check out our Facebook Page http://facebook.com/hardgrasshavoc


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Lookin forward to this! I know this year was bad ass and next year proves to be even better.
Cant believe I missed this. Next year will have to commit.
Heard from some competitors and sponsors that it was a great event last year, hopefully it's even bigger and better this year!
This event was no joke!

For the first year it ran really smooth. I would say it was 10 times more difficult than TTC ever has been. And Im guessing the courses will be harder next year.

It was very impressive the quality of rigs that showed up. Really wasnt any junk and I think we had 23 guys show. Anyone of them coulda walked away with the win. The diversity of the rigs was cool to see as well. Several U4 buggies, several normal wheelin rigs, and a few big rigs to.

I ended up taking 5th place overall. With how I drove I was pretty surprised with doing that good. I had to winch and rolled over on the first course! But there was no pussy footin around. If you want to win....your gonna have to push it.

The highlight of my Havoc experience was I received the BADASS trophy. There were 4 trophies given out. 1,2,3, and the BADASS.

I received it for my run on the Outfield course on day 2. On the reaper wall (the pics of the buggies launching above) I ended up breaking a tooth off the rear pinion gear, it jammed the gears for a second which snapped the rear output shaft on the T case. I figured I was done. Driveline was clankin around but I kept goin. Lots of loose climbs that I had to do with only front wheel drive. I couldnt believe it but with a little fighting...I finished the course in 10 minutes and something seconds! Really not a bad time especially for only 2 wheel drive. It was pretty Badass! Easily the most fun Ive had wheelin. That horn blew at the finish line and I was ecstatic! Pretty cool with 23 trucks, 5 courses for each and my run was voted the most BADASS out of all of them. Im not sure I would trade my trophy for any of the other 3!

But anyhow.

This event is going to become huge. Look into it. Dont think you need 54s to compete. Just need a solid rig and dont be scared to drive the piss out of it.

I cant wait for 2014!

Congrats to Leroy Latham (skippedlink) on the win. Competition was insane but he pulled off the win by driving dang near perfect on every course. Dood can just drive and he will be hard to beat again next year.

here is the video of me busting on the reaper wall. So happy I made it up

Rear Union blow - YouTube

Also like to thank my sponsors for helping me get there. Sexton Offroad, Boyce equipment, Midnight 4x4 and Corbeau. Couldnt have made the trip without ya!
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Thanks for posting up you guys! It was a pretty great event and we're very excited about 2014.

Lots of videos on Youtube. Not sure if this link will work but just search Hard Grass Havoc
hard grass havoc - YouTube.

Island Hop - Leroy Latham
They are working on a video for 2013. Its gonna be one to get for sure. Lots of crazy footage.

Here is my tow test run. It was good enough for second place!
Hard Grass Havoc - YouTube

That loader was HEAVY. And you cant tell in the video but the loader driver accidentally went off the course on my pull. The tire was 3 feet off the course, started climbing a berm and thats when it stopped me dead in my tracks. They offered a re pull but I decided against it
Of course videos and pics do no justice to the reaper wall.

This video gives a little perspective to the amount of vert that is there. Just like running into a brick wall

I cant remember how many rigs it claimed.....5ish tho.
Justin's Rollover - YouTube
Sounded n looks like a great event ill be entering for havoc-2014

Looking forward to this comp
Bumpity; Anyone who missed this, missed out on one hell of a weekend. Being there as one of the volunteers let me be a piece of something that is only going to get bigger and better year after year. The beauty about this course and where its located, there's almost unlimited room to grow, and it will only get tougher & tougher as the course gets settled/packed & dug out by rigs.

I had a blast, and will be back next year volunteering again. More people will be out next year, so if you want in, get off your ass and get that rig ready.
Here are some more Pics from this awesome competition.


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And a few more.


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Thanks to everyone for posting up. We'd love to have you all again next year!
2013 was the first year for Hard Grass Havoc and while right now it's hard to imagine, I only see it getting better and drawing more competitors from outside of Canada.

Having raced a few events across the US and Canada including KOH, I can say without a doubt, this is some of the most fun I've ever had in a firesuit!! :grinpimp: ... What it lacks in Jumbo-trons and Helicopters it more than makes up for with it's down-to-earth environment and campfire commraderie (Could some of the US guys bring some shine next year? :flipoff2:)

For me personally, this competiton brought the best of both worlds ... Balls-deep TTC type mud, Hill Climbs, Tow Tests, Logtraps/Frame-Twisters all followed the next day by all-out Ultra4 type racing (Were there 7 rollovers??)

Having both types of events/obstacles really evened the playing field .. Standing around during tech and the drivers meeting it became very apparent that ANY one of the vehicles competiting could take the overall win. I saw everything from 37" Toyo's to 54" Claws (Lots of past TTC competitors spoke VERY highly of Hard Grass)...Everything from 9" axles to 5-ton hybrids.

If your busy planning your 2014, get your ass up to Hard Grass .. It's probably worth the drive just for GOOD beer alone :p

As a guy who HATES mud, I can't help but think it was worth the cost of the car-wash...Thanks for having me out and and for putting on such an awesome event!!

P.S. Leroy, I'm coming for you! :evil:


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All 23 past competitors are coming back for 2014! Due to the overwhelming response, we have decided to up the limit to 35 - so that leaves 12 spots open!

Registration will begin as soon as we get our final approval to use the area again this year and it will be based on a first come, first serve basis - however ALL vehicles must comply with the rules and safety standards to be accepted.
If anyone is even considering attending this event, don't waste any time, get your rig entered & start getting ready, you will not regret it,
I had an amazing time & am looking forward to attending again in 2014,
I'm planning to enter this year :D If I don't make it through tech or something then I will volunteer to run recovery or something.

Either way, I never made it to the Highriders Challenge and now it's gone. I'm not going to let the same thing happen with this event!
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