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Hard top dilema

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I'm trying to put my hard top back on correctly and this is proving
to be more difficult than i think it should be. The top seams to be
too wide or the sides are too narrow. I think the sides have to be
correct as if i pull them out the back door falls out. I don't think
the top piece could be too wide. Can anyone add anything? I'm
going nuts over here.
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How long has it been since you had the top on? Too much weight in the cargo area seems to pull the sides in. Especially if you didn't have the back doors on. A spreader jack is what you might need. Start with fitting the back doors on and working smoothley.
Might need the spreader at the rear of the front doors also. That's what I had to do, that is before I decided to do a complete rebuild. Haven't had the top on in years.
The top has been on for a few weeks but it wasn't sitting
correctly so I am trying to get it right now. Before then, it didn't
have a top so I don't know how long it was run w/o a top with
PO's. I'll have to get a spreader jack. Right now, I'm just going to
get a mate to help me push while I connect everything.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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