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Heater fan

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Yes, I searched, but didnt find anything that matches what I am wanting to do.

The fan works, the switch works proportionally on all settings.

On the highest setting, it works like it would on the second highest setting. Is there a way to bump up the flow through the fan?
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there is a little part on the fan, reostat? that goes out leaving only 1 or 2 speeds, sorry that the best I can do, or just get an adjustable reostat. follow the power wire to the fan, you will find the part or circut board I am thinking of. or look at off-road.com or roger browns page for the info.
Benny said:
those coil things arent burnt out. (if thats what you are referring to)
ya I think that is what I remember. like gnob says, 12v direct to check.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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