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Heater fan

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Yes, I searched, but didnt find anything that matches what I am wanting to do.

The fan works, the switch works proportionally on all settings.

On the highest setting, it works like it would on the second highest setting. Is there a way to bump up the flow through the fan?
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Marlin Crawler said:
Checking for proper voltage and grounds is very inportant, however, dont forget to check for debris in the cage fan. Even a gum wrapper will greatly reduce the air flow. I have waisted a lot of time with a voltage meter to finally realize it was junk in the cage fan.:flipoff2:

Mice are a big problem here. They like to make a nice little house in the fan cage. and they slow it down. Stink pretty good when they die in there to. We get them alot at work (Toyota Dealer) during the winter.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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