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The build is what’s left of a CJ-8 Scrambler that good friend of mine is in the process of finishing up. In exchange for machining work he is doing for my jeep, I agreed to document his build for him since Justin is not the internet savory type and I thought this had be posted.

I will be just documenting this and will take no credit in the build that’s all Justin.

I will have him sign up and comment on the build, I will just be doing the posting and updates.

  • CJ-8 Scrambler Frame and Body with an O5 Liberty Hood and Grill narrowed 8’’
  • Custom Internal / Exo Cage with an integrated console with Cage mounted Corbeau Bucket Seats
  • Rock Sliders with integrated storage compartments
  • Mercedes 300SD Intercooled 3.0 Turbo Diesel running on Diesel and Veg oil.
  • Flexalite Radiator, RCI Fuel Cell, Custom Stainless Exhaust
  • Custom Built Bellhousing and Custom 9’’ Torque Convertor
  • Ford C4 Manual Reverse Valvebody Trans with a AA Tailshaft
  • T-Case adaptor with Spud Shaft to adapt to a Ford NP205
  • Custom Monotube adaptors
  • Mercedes Unimog 404 factory Monotubes and Axles
  • Factory Unimog Wheels cut and reversed
  • Michelin XML 385 95R20 DOT Milspec tires
  • Custom Cantilever Suspension 2:1 Ratio with 4130 Chromo Arms, Tapered Roller Bearings, and 4340 Shafts.
  • Prototype Closed Loop Pneumatic Air Springs 12’’ Stroke 3’’ Bore Mounted Horizontal.

Picture of what it looked like four years ago, Trail 3 in Tellico

The Jeep is currently mostly though with the first mock up build. It is almost to the point at which its close to being torn down for finale assembly. I will be getting more detailed pictures as the build progresses. He has some photos and I will post them so you can get an idea what its going to look like.

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X2 What are the plans for front fenders?
Yea, X3 hood/grille look great. I just narrowed my yj grille/hood ~5 1/2" and plan on sectioning the grille to tilt the hood, but now I want a liberty grille/hood.....Thanks a lot!

Can't wait for more details, I'll defenitly be watching this one.
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