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I put a map and gps files together for you guys.

The track for Hell to Pay is from the 2014 King of the Motos PM race, which went down Hell to Pay. Since this is the Moto track, it may not be the best route for 4x4's. By the way, before I knew Mike was going to run this canyon I asked Jimmy Lewis if he would mind 4x4's running the canyon. He thought that it was a great idea. (Mike, if you send me your .usr file I will update this information)

The approach track is the easiest way to the start of the canyon from Means Dry Lake. There are many other ways to get there.

Files in Dropbox:

Full resolution map, 482k, suitable for printing

Google Earth .kml file

Lowrance .usr file

GPS Exchange .gpx file

Garmin .gdb file



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I am not so certain about the route for the exit....I seem to recall a sharper left turn to get out once we hit the top but we did follow what we thought was motorcycle single tracks for a while.

It was getting dark and late so I could be wrong....
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