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help asap

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ok this morning when i went to start my truck it would just crank and crank. finaly i got it to start but it felt like the timming was off ar it was flooded it finaly cleared up so i tried to drive to work and it would go fine and than it was like it would loose its timming and stumble untill i let off the gas. this is the first time it has happend so any ideas. my only thoughts are my tps is finaly dieing or my my dist is going bad. any ideas would be very helpfull. oh this is for the 4runner:D
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my truck just did the same thing, it acted funny and then when i let off the gas it cleared up. It ended up being my fuel filter. it got clogged and then it burned up my pump, so check the filter and see if you can blow through it easily. mine had the same symptoms you desribed. if thats not it, run a jumper wire in your "T" port on the driver side fender and pull the codes. the check engine light will flash so many times, count how many times it flashes in sequence and then look it up in a haynes or chilton manual. (the light flashes when the key is in the on position). Good luck

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