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Do u mean two lowers and a wishbone upper, OR two lowers, one upper and a panhard? Are u gonna move the gas tank? Is it street driven?

If 3link w panhard, Id use hiems on one end and a $5 yj bushing(1.5"od) on the other on the lowers. A rh and lh hiem for the upper to adjust pinion angle and similar for the panhard. Ive had jjs go bad. But others have had hiems go bad. Bushing on one end seems to help absorb the shock/jolts that beatup the hiems.

Id prefer a 4 link in the rear though. W triangulater lowers or dual triang for roll center. The tri lowers w wishbone upper is essentially the same geometrically as well(if u know what ur doing on any of these setups).
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