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yeah, break it up into smaller projects.

my boss had me come in the middle of a 49 chevy pick resto after his dumb ass had dicked with it for 5 years and added a rack and pinion steering, sbc 350 fuel injection and wanted to keep everything else the same as when it rolled off the show room floor (a HUGE project for junior in college). he expected the truck to be done in a month. 6 months later, he is still waiting to order the rest of the parts....anyway, the wiring sucked, but take your time, and do it neat. that way, when you wire something wrong (which is probable when you do it the first time) you can figure it out. once its done its like taking a 80 pound ruck sack off after a 10 mile hike. restorations and similar projects are very time consuming and take a lot of patience.

you will be happy when its done and you can say YOU built it.
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