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Help President Bush Restore Access To Forests!


American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network
PO Box 400 - Battle Ground WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973 - Email: <[email protected]> -
Legislative Office: 508 First St SE - Washington DC 20003
Phone: 202-251-3473 - Fax: 202-543-7126 - Email: [email protected]

Help President Bush Restore Access to Forests!

Give Us Our Land Back!

Access for the People!

President Bush and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman have ALMOST decided

to restore common sense to the Forest Service!

They have ALMOST decided to unlock President Clinton's massive 58 million

acre Forest Service land grab!

They need YOUR HELP. They need to hear from YOU.

Every looneybin leftwing preservationist tree-hugging nutcase outfit in
United States is screaming their heads off! Lock up all the land,
make it
all wilderness is what they say!

YOU need to let Bush and Veneman know that they are doing the RIGHT

THING by restoring recreational and commercial access to the Forest
lands locked up in a last minute land grab by Clinton!

President Bush is doing the job for us so far, he is KEEPING his campaign

promises, and so is Secretary Veneman. They deserve our help. So give
to them!

Since March 13, when the 58 million acre lockup was supposed to take
the leftwing preservationists have been yammering away, complaining
the delay. Bush and Veneman need backup! They need to hear from
and to know that restoring access is what the people want!

Here is an excerpt from the Sierra Club's latest newsletter:

"The battle to save America's roadless areas is far from over! In a
blow to our nation's wild forests, President Bush is seeking to
suspend the implementation of the U.S. Forest Service's
Roadless Forest
Protection Rule - a policy that should have taken affect on
March 13, 2001."

One of our members had it right when he sent me a note:

ATTENTION Private property owners, oil, gas and mineral explorationists,

ranchers, farmers, forestry advocates, recreationists, families, small

business owners, hunters, fishermen and lots of others:

You're in a race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a team game. Don't allow the Greens to divide and conquer you.

To win, all users must stand together.

Here is part of recent congressional testimony, as reported by Energy and

Environment Daily:

Wendy Gramm, director of regulatory studies at the George Mason University

Mercatus Center, testified that according to the center's study of Federal

Register pages, increased regulatory activity is not unusual in election

years, jumping an average 29 percent in years when whole administrations

turn over.

In the closing days of the Clinton administration, however, Gramm said the

"Cinderella effect" was even larger, with Federal Register pages increasing

51 percent during the post-election quarter last year compared to the same

quarters of the three preceding years.

Gramm also faulted the U.S. Forest Service's roadless rule, saying the

agency failed to show that a universal ban on road construction on some

58.5 million acres of National Forest land is "either necessary or
for protecting ... water quality, wildlife and recreation."

And here is more:

The Forest Service has indicated that between 308 million and 1.37 billion

tons of coal would become unavailable under the rule in roadless areas of

the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison national forests in Colorado, and

the Manti-La Sal National Forest in Utah and Colorado, said Greg Shaefer
Arch Coal, which operates several mines that would be affected by the

The Forest Service also estimated the impacts on mineral leasing under the

rule to be a loss of $127.8 million in total income from coal and phosphate

mining, and 3,095 jobs.

ACTION ITEM from the Washington Legal Foundation:

Last Friday, the Washington Legal Foundation filed a formal petition with

the Department of Agriculture to repeal the rule. Suggest you add to your

action item list to have your members contact Ann Veneman and to "approve

the Washington Legal Foundation's petition to repeal the Roadless Rule."

This is a great idea. Definitely contact Agriculture Secretary Veneman,

President Bush, and your Senators and Congressman and ask them to approve

the Washington Legal Foundation's petition to repeal the Roadless Land Grab

and restore access to the public's public lands.

Make sure you send a message to both your Senators and Congressman. The

Greens are all over them trying to undercut the President and Secretary



*****Call, fax and e-mail the White House TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3

AND 4TH. Urge President Bush to find a way to overturn the Forest Service

Roadless Rule. The Forest Service Roadless Rule MUST BE OVERTURNED.

Thank President Bush for taking all legal steps to bring fairness back to

National Forest management. Ask him to support repeal of the Roadless

Rule. Urge him to stand firm. Tell him not to pull back from the effort

to overturn the Roadless Rule.

E-mail AND Fax President George W. Bush

President's FAX: (202) 456-2461

[email protected]

Phone: (202) 456-1111

*****Fax and e-mail Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman urging her to work

with states, counties, user groups and exploration companies to keep access

to the affected 58 million acres for everyone.

E-mail AND Fax Secretary Ann Veneman

FAX: (202) 720-4732
FAX: (202) 720-5437

[email protected]

*****Call, fax and e-mail both your Senators and your Congressman both

Tuesday and Wednesday urging them to support President Bush as he seeks
make these 58 millions acres available for multiple-use, exploration,

development and access.

All Senators and Congressmen may be called at the Capitol Switchboard

at (202) 224-3121. When you call, ask for their fax and e-mail address
you don't already have them.

*****Send copies of your faxes and e-mails to your local newspapers, radio

and TV stations.

Please forward this message to at least five other people.

Your whole list if possible.

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