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A summary from another board for those who don't follow the link
If you've ever wheeled the Mecca of rock crawling or do so on a
frequent bases, you need to get involved now! There is a proposed
travel plan being looked at that will determine how recreation is
permitted in the Moab area for the next 20+ years. IN many cases it
is not good news in any shape or fashion. If you live in or near the
Salt Lake Valley mark 3 October on your calendar for one massive run
to wherever they will be holding the public meeting, if your not in
the vicinity and want to make a difference please stay tuned and when
the time comes ensure you send in your letters and such.

OK folks, here is by far the best info I can give you with minute to
minute updates. Follow the link and thread that I have pasted. The
document is out (over 800 pages), read it, digest it, then send some
intelligent comments forward.


There as well is a link that "scoutabout" (board member of the U4WDA)
included that shows the public meetings to be held.

Furthermore, if you think that it doesn't concern you because it
isn;t your backyard think again. If the eco-nazis can screw around
with the Mecca they sure as hell can screw around with your backyard.

Most importantly sent this link to every cotton picking board that
you are a member of or know of. We need to speak loud and clear with
a thunderous voice to KEEP OUR TRAILS OPEN!!! If you don't send in a
comment than you just became part of the problem by doing absolutely

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Is there anyway someone can keep me posted on this????

I do not have the time to juggle so many BBS

Maybe the Moab guys can take some of the stuff that we have done in ELDO and apply it to the fight in MOAB
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