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Hendrix X chassis Buggy Fox Coilovers, $13,500

Hendrix X chassis, brand new, been on just a few rides works great
Belly was cut and raised to allow for better belly height
Al. Roof
Plastic boat sides and belly skids

22 re on propane with two tanks,motor is fresh and it very strong
ARP headstuds, head just been redone,high flow exhaust with jet hot coated header, high flow air cleaner, GM alternator
Crossflow al. Radiator with dual electric fans

Trans and transfer case
Toyota auto with dirt track style auto shifter
Stock dual Toyota cases doubled
Tg rear disc connect for front digs

Front and rear axle,steering
Toyota front with new rebuild with 410 gears, welded, Trail Gear six shooter knuckles, tg drive flanges,ARP hub and steering knuckle studs, Longfield Chromoly axles
Toyota rear 410 gears ,welded , disc brakes, both axle housings are trussed and braced.
PSC pump and orbital

4 link front and rear with Fox coilovers , all TG joints with heavy duty Dom link bars and laser cut brackets ,with rubber bumps on front

Body is cover with dirt track style sheet metal that is fastened with zuss fasteners , the sheet metal was done very well with no comers cut, looks very good. All alummin interior fastened to chassis with zuss fasteners

Tires and wheels
Almost new 38 tsls with diy 32 bolt beadlocks, tires do not leak and have very little rock rash

Interior and misc.
Buggy has a simple interior within cab winch control ,push start ,has front head lights and rock lights front and rear, x rc winch onset in grill with winch rope, kirkey seats with Simpson harnesses,buggy has tach ,oil,water,volt gauges also. Price is $13,900 Will accept partial trades or will also trade up and pay difference for right buggy. Tim 662-322-7242


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Them TG Dirty 30s are strong is all i can say. This thing tore up some 5 diamond trails three days straight with no hiccups.


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