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After the recient post(s) about quality contnet etc. I think its time for a FAQ thread to be compiled. It mentioned all the time but nothing gets done..

The info is out there, on other sites, so a pile of links and/or info would be a good start..

Then i read this thread on the toy forum, these guys know how to play ball....
Fat Kid you up for some mild rules to keep the "search" newbi bashing down....

Not that im anti bewbi bashing, im pro quality searching.....


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that would be fine but when you read posts and you see the same sh!t come up week after week you get kinda tired of it if you know what I meen any how like

how do i put toy axels under my zuk
where do i buy gears
how are the 6.1 holding up (last week i replyed to that thread just with the link to it and then the thred was gone a couple hours later)

its stupid sh!t like that do a search look and reed i dont have a lot of posts just because of the search button but when some one needs some thing jump in and help them. there is a lot of sh!t here and most of the tiem you cant find it you can ask adn you will find the answer most any thing that can be done has been done by some one here


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well on my drive in to work this morning, i was thinken about what we need to get started..

First, I want to make sure the moderator is on board with this... Ill be PM'n fatkid for some input....

I will take on the chalenge of at least keeping this rolling BUT

If everyone thinks this is cool.... here's how I would do it...

Take a week or so and collect/organize the actual QUESTIONS we want to gather the answers for....... NO actual content/answers yet...

Then take each topic in whatever order 1 at a time as so we can easisly gather the info and organized it...

I think the reason this never got off the ground is everyone floods with usefull info but its all randon and painful to collect and organize.... If this can be dragged out a little it will be easier for all to contribute..

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Commonly asked questions:
What’s the difference between a SJ410 and SJ413?
What type of lift should I run?
Who makes the best “lift kit”?
How big of tire can I run?

CJ spring swap FAQ
YJ spring swap FAQ
1.6L Engine swap FAQ
Toy axle swap FAQ
Vendors websites

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i pm'd fatty well see what he thinks,

was thinking not to dup any other faq's....keep toy specific stuff linked to the toy faq.

only cover swap/mods etc.

I'm gonna build from one of those faq-o-matics so keep the topics coming then we will request info on each as we get to them...

To break it down i can see a stock zuke components section and a hybrid zuke parts section. With each broken down into major DT components typically fixed/upgraded...

im seeing zuke axle mods - gears, lockers, rings etc.
toy SWAP info
dana swap info
DT conversions, covering adpaters, 1.6 stuff, ring-r, toy adaptions..
S/r info, frame extensions
steering swap info...
PWS pum info

ill start on the list, asuming fatty is ok with the effort....

keep the topics coming...

-l8r I gotta earn my paycheck but ill do some more later... (after lunch)


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it all most sounds like if i wanted to know any thing i woudl use the search button maybe a newbe thread that says search first and then when you dont find anything then ask and when you ask doit the smart way start it out i did a searh and i did not find what i was looking for so this is my ????? ________________.


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Often sought Information about Samurai's and Trackers and Sidekicks: (Cut and Paste)

Often sought Information about Samurai's and Trackers and Sidekicks: (Cut and Paste)
Key Word Search: Samurai Schematic, Tracker Schematic, Sidekick Schematic, Wiring Diagram, Frame, Chassis Dimension, LWB Dimension, Roll Over.

Samurai LWB dimension info: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/Samurai_Chassis_dimensions-LWB.jpg
Samurai SWB dimension info: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/Samurai_Chassis_dimensions.jpg
87 Samurai Wiring Diagram: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/Samurai-Wiring-Diagram.jpg
88-89 Tracker/Sidekick Wiring Diagram: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/tracker_89-90_schematic.jpg
Jeep End over End Roll Over at Moab: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/tracyroll.mpg
What you will look like if you ever ask for this stuff again: http://www.offroadhams.com/tech/donkey4x4.jpg

Hope this helps.
Donald Roberts

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When I started looking into buying a zuk, I did some web searching.

So, here's some links I find useful.

Samurai Specs: http://www.off-road.com/suzuki/samurai/86samuraispec.htm

Some FAQ & History:

A very good site for Arizona Lust, and Suzuki Tech (click on the Tech button for it)


A vendor list of bolt on items: (listed in no order, preference; most do not support PBB) If you want bolt on, bug these guys, not the PBB (unless you bought something, and reviewing it for us).

This list includes rollcages, lockers, axles, axle and transfer case gears.

http://www.puresuzuki.com/suzukimain.htm (Calmini)

You need a two belt pulley for your Samurai to run a PS pump? Go to your junk yard, and find a Chevy Sprint, from about 1985. Depending on the year, you'll find one with the pulley you need, that is a bolt on replacement for the 1.3 pulley. One good/bad thing - it's an overdrive pulley, which means it will turn the PS pump *faster* than a stock pulley. Getting an underdrive AC pulley, means the PS pump will turn *slower*. The faster pump will have better response at idle; the slower pump will be more sluggish. The faster pump will generate more heat, the slower pump will run cooler. You chose which one you want.
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