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I have the Sky Manufacturing tall d44 arms (they are sooooo sweet! Very beef and they fit very precisely).

With the studs I ordered with the Sky arms, one half of the thread is longer than the other side of the stud. Does the longer or shorter thread go into the knuckle? How do you know that the stud is threaded to the correct depth in the knuckle?

Lock washers came with the kit, should I use any threadlocker as well?

What should everything be torqued down to? Is 85 ft/lbs right?
Install the suds with the shorter threaded section in the knuckle. Use two nuts threaded against each other on the stud to install it. Thread it in all the way.
Throw the lock washers away. They are junk. Use a good thread locker and lock nuts. I use Caterpillar Retaining Compound on all my chassis parts. It is expensive, but well worth the cost.
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