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High-Impact: Affordable Aluminum Rock Racing beadlocks?
Posted on 01.16.10 by camo

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Thru careful engineering using vacuum-forming casting technology, these High-Impact cast aluminum beadlocks meet forged racing wheel strength and performance specs at considerably lower cost. Vacuum forming sucks the material into the die, makes the consistency of the aluminum much tighter and stronger They are even substantially stronger than our proven Steel beadlocks!

A true Rock racing wheel (Official wheel of We-Rock, XRRA Rock Racing sanctioned; .King of the Hammers (KOH) race sanctioned), these wheels are built in the cosmetically beautiful "Monster" style using a diamond machined finish: The real choice for a fine personal rock crawler. What is diamond machined finish? This is the way the surface of the aluminum is cut. Allows a low maintenance finish, even dirty, the wheel shines, looks polished! Maintenance for a dirty wheel: Just wash it!

* In addition to our standard steel lock ring, wheels avail now with alum outer rings if desired. Both narrow and wide styles aluminum lock rings available.

* Valve stems located back, in the heavy duty reinforced center section to avoid get broken out

* Reinforced inner rim lip

* Wheel have provision to run inner liners for desert racing

This wheel is actually custom designed for racing. It is, however, sufficiently affordable for the recreational four wheeler who would like true race strength and performance values.

Stock is available in most popular bolt patterns. 17x9.5 wheel available for $300 each and 15x8s are $260 ea. Hard to beat that kind of pricing for an aluminum wheel. Wheels are manufactured by Allied Wheel.

Call 888-898-4331 or visit our website at www.high-impact.net !!

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