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I just installed a 350CFM 2bbl via the Downey conversion kit. I can’t keep it from dieing/stalling while I brake hard. It stumbles lean, the harder I brake the longer the stumble, if I brake real hard it dies. The float is adjusted correctly and everything else seems fine. I have it idling at 800RPM @ 14:1 AFR (LM1). I can’t really dial it in until I fix this problem. The bowl faces forward so I’m thinking that the jets are going dry as the fuel sloshes forward while I brake hard. I believe the fix for this is a jet extension kit with correct float for the extensions (Holley kit). It just seems very odd that this is such a persistent problem. Its not like I’m locking up the brakes, I am braking hard but.... Its bad enough that I’m not driving it on the street until its fixed.

Can you think of anything else that could be causing this problem or should the jet extensions fix it? Have you ever seen this problem before?

-87 pickup
-22R with RV cam and header.
-NO vacuum leaks
-Off road (spring loaded needle and seat) needle and seat installed.
-OEM return style fuel pump with 4.5 steady PSI
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