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I have a ~4-5 year old Technics home stereo that consists of

Stereo Items
SA-AX610 6 Channel Receiver
SH-AC300 Digital Surrouns Processor
SL-MC300 CD changer (100 disc)
Kenwood GE292 7 Band EQ (OOOOLLLD! 12 years old)

Cerwin Vega 5 speaker setup, good sound, compact size.

$450 for the above items as a package, would rather not split the stereo gear.

JVC DVD Player XV-M567 3 disc changer (less than 2 years old) Great shape $175

NOTHING is wrong with any of it, we bought a new system a while back with less components to save some space, and upgrade is all. I was going to put it in the garage, but would rather it get put to better use. Open to offers as I am unsure on the value of these items anymore. May cinsider trades, just unsure what I'd need other than a lightweight trailer to haul 3 ATV's is all :D
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