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HomeGrown #3 allmost done

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here are some pics of the progress of my truggy build. just want to say thanks to my boys for all there hard work. you guys know who you are.

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Looks good!

Just curious, how does that qualify as a truggy?
Those Door panels are BADASS !!!!!!
YotaYota said:
Those Door panels are BADASS !!!!!!
I know between them and the billet grill on the other build post, I am wanting retro more and more in my rig! :flipoff2:
What are those seats out of?
the seats are out of a 91 acura i think
HomeGrown said:
the seats are out of a 91 acura i think
is there modification involved or were you able to bolt them in?
they bolted in the front but needed mods in the rear part of the seat to work. i got them for 7 bucks each at pull in save.
Nice funny looking nose thingy over the winsheild, if you put a straight tube in I think we could still get the window out. How much room do you have between the A pillar and the tube? I might need to use the bender to bust out a front bumper before moab. 2 weekends left
Looks like a good start. Whats with the tube over the windsheild?
Halogrinder said:
prolly for clearance for the wipers

Kinda hard to use the wipers when theres a tube over the hole for the wiper arm stud.;)


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Raptorman57 said:

Kinda hard to use the wipers when theres a tube over the hole for the wiper arm stud.;)

Those seats sure look comfy :cool:
we decided to do something different over the window area. we plan on putting a straight peice over the wiper. we have done this with every peice of tubing on the truck. hopefully it wont get hung up on rocks. we should still be able to get the window out. and no we didnt cover the wiper arm.
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Looking good man! I like the design and you'll definately be able to get the windshield out. What I'd really like to see are more pics of that front crossmember. I'm aiming towards a SAS and don't like the looks of how torn up my front crossmember is and the body mounts are bent all over the place. I think a simple crossmember like your design would make it super easy to put the body lift back (needed for V8 swap) on and slap some hangers on there. Any help with some pictures? If you don't feel like posting you can send them to me via email. Thanks!
Here are some pics of the crossmember. this worked out real good. and we were able to move the stearing box forward 5". and we plated the frame on all sides. when i bought the truck it was hit on the drivers side. the frame was twicked a bit so we just ended up cutting the bent up crossmember out. hope this helps you out.

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can I cut out the front 'member without the frame tweeking on me? I want to beef it up, but not have a crooked truck in the process.:confused:
Good job, BTW.:D
i welded a peice of metal between the two frame rails after i got them all meassured and positioned were i wanted them. this will also allow you to move your axel forward.
holy crap man. Thanks.
just realized yer in Denver....suprised we havent run into each other on the trailz. Or maybe we have.:confused:
Keep up the nice work.
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