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Homemade shackles xj-yj

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so how many people have made there shackles?
me and some bud's are building a yj and we are running xj leaf springs in the rear, we are looking to pick up some D44 front and rear pretty soon to replace the stock axles. could you guys please post some pictures of your set ups on a yj using xj leafs.
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look for threads i've made in the jeep hardcore forum, i've posted one buildup using xj springs and the btf hanger, and another using yj springs but stretched out so the shackles mount where they would if using xj springs.

Also if you want something different let me know, just send me the measurements and i can get it to you for the same price.
i would clean those up before you post them on your site, might get you a few more sales. throw some primer on em... something
We sell the parts with no finish on them, thats part of the reason we can sell them at a cheaper price.
ohh ok, just seems one minute with a wire brush would make a big difference in the effort yall put in your projects, but if it works... good job!!
All of our products we send out are wire brushed and free of slag.

I need to change the picture in that it seems that some get the impression that they are not.

Click here to see the rest of our products and you can see that we have them clean before they arrive to the the customer.

Check Ruffstuffspecialties.com

This belongs in the newbie section as well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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