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Well these are some pics of the Hood supports for FJ40 hood. I also designed them to fit CJ,YJ, TJ, any barn door hinge type. I got the right hole also engineered to do the fit. They are Laser cut Alum. They come with special black rivets, Quality part.
They are a must for thrasher hoods. It's about flat area sag. On Lexan you should be ok if your just crusin.
But if your on Hammer Time better get some. Not that our hood is crappy it just that if your pounding your guts out every thing is flexing. Go watch the hood cam's at KOH you will know what I mean. Retail price is $75 per pair, sale $50
If you got a tube from Trent you should be ok but dont take my word for that as from here I can't see your build. you can shoot me an email [email protected] with a pic and I'll let you know, To order call Barb 800-536-1841 as I do have to work in the shop & get your stuff done.:usa:


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