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I recently took one apart...here's what it looks like:

The setup was off the t-case, giving the winch 4 speeds to pull in and 1 to spool out (not including free spool)...and of course controlled by the throttle. With a 6.6:1 first gear, that winch just pulled and pulled. At idle it pulled out a buddy of mine stuck past his doors in mud, with only occasionally goosing the throttle as it started bogging down. That was with a 12k Ramsey worm-drive winch...here's the rig it's in:

I don't know if this is another alternative you can consider, but on another rig I'm building, we rigged a PTO hydraulic pump off the t-case:

It's the thing hanging off the right side of the 205. That will be used for a hydraulic winch.

I've often thought about doing a PTO-driven air compressor, or a PTO-driven alternator for an on-board welder. Maybe someday.
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