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How Much Body Damage

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Big Rich,

What is limit for body damage? Take this for example, aside from moving the filler, the panel has been pushed in about 4 inches. The damage is entirely cosmetic, the doors still close, the tail gate closes, the roof still seals, and the lights still work.

If body damage is going to be the norm in future events where will the line in the sand be drawn? Or will you be changing the class to Jeep stock mod? I hope that the class won't be restricted to pretty rigs.
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jdjanda said:

I'll fix the body once per season, but not after each event.
body work does suck,it shouldn't matter how they look as long as it is safe still.... my old body wasn't safe so I totally redid mine, tub and all, and sorry I flaked out on selling you that end cap:rolleyes: I'll keep my eyes open for some more, I used the one I was going to send you....:D
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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