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How Much Body Damage

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Big Rich,

What is limit for body damage? Take this for example, aside from moving the filler, the panel has been pushed in about 4 inches. The damage is entirely cosmetic, the doors still close, the tail gate closes, the roof still seals, and the lights still work.

If body damage is going to be the norm in future events where will the line in the sand be drawn? Or will you be changing the class to Jeep stock mod? I hope that the class won't be restricted to pretty rigs.
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Did you compete and that damage is from the Cougar Buttes event this weekend?

No I was out of town, but I know what the out come is going to be on any course. I'll fix the body once per season, but not after each event.
mrtwstr said:
No diffrence between comp rigs and recreational rigs when it comes to body damage. No doubt body damage is cool and all but I say if it looks like shit it is shit. You gotta have some class. I don't know where to draw the line but like I said you gotta have at least a little class. Go ahead, flame away:flipoff2:
So will the lavender crew be making an appearance at any events other then Hollister Hills or are you just flapp'n your mouth.
mrtwstr said:

Daamn, that hurt. I gotta figure out how to post pics, I'd like to show you some pics of ME at the SUPERCRAWL that I didn't see you at.:flipoff2: No actually my jeep is a long way from a real comp rig, no doubt about that, it was built for drinkin beers on the rubicon, does that pretty well. However we will be in at least a couple Calrock events. (you're right though, mostly just flappin)
And do you really feel like redoing the body after each event? Are you running a steel body on the Willys
RE:Todd said:
Thank you :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :D :D
Pretty easy to keep a mini off the rocks, I running classic america steel. I'm a tad wider then you.
urjb said:
Rich would have the final say...
but WTF is that hangin' out of the quarter panel ... thats a safety and enviromental problem waiting to happen.

...and you would probly be asked to repair the damaged area.

It's the filler, which will be relocated because it is in a bad position regardless of weather or not the panel is in good shape.

1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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