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The year of the CJ-7 matters less than what condition it is in. I just bought a '77 CJ-7 with a 304 V-8, auto trans, stock Borg Warner Quadratrac transfer case, stock Dana 30 front axle and AMC model 20 rear axle. The body is in absolutely pristine perfect condition with no dents, no dent repairs, and no rust inside or out. I brought a creeper with me when I looked at the Jeep, and spent as much time looking at the bottom side of the Jeep as I did the top side, and there is NO rust anywhere. The engine runs good, the transmission works like it should, everything seemed ok, and the 32x11.50 tires are brand new and mounted on very nice aluminum wheels. I've been looking for a CJ-7 for five years, and have never seen one in this good of shape. When I found this one I bought it the same day I first saw it. It did cost me $5000 though, so they can be expensive if they are in good enough shape. You can see a picture of my CJ-7 on this web page:


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