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If I was to link up mine I would probly go with.....

1 3/4" 1/2" wall for the lowers
1 1/2" .120 wall for the uppers
4 1 1/4" heims (probly at the chassis end)
4 poly bushings(at the axle end)

Radius arm type can be made to work but most don't desire them. They seem to have a few traits that a double triangulated 4 link will eliminate or lessen drastically. Although they are very simple in design and easier to build for a beginner. If you build a radius design and have it set up so you can lock out both arms it should handle pretty good on the highway. A 4 link though,as long as you have the geometry right,it should handle good. This is just my opinion from what I've seen on a few rigs around my house and read about here. Someday I'd like to link mine up,for now though the All Pro springs work good enough.

There is though enough tech,here on Pirate,about link suspention alone to read until your eyes bleed. I'd suggest to get you a cooler full of drinks,strap yourself in the computer chair and hit it wide open. Figure out excatally what you want,theeeeeen go build it.
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