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How to adjust upper balljoint???

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There is a threaded "split ring" type of devise that screws into the knuckle-yoke where the upper balljoint gets bolted up. Someone told me that this ring is turned to adjust the amount of force needed to steer the knuckle. Is this true? What is the procedure for adjustment???
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That adjuster sets the preload in the balljoints. If it's not adjusted correctly, you'll have steering problems and short balljoint life.

In general, according to Dana's instructions:

Install the adjuster just enough to catch the end of the upper ball joint, i.e. leave it sticking out a quarter inch or so.

Install the lower joint and torque the nut.

Torque the adjuster to 50 lb/ft (the actual value seems to vary by manufacturer. Moog HD's go to 70lb/ft). You'll need the correct socket to do this. Napa sells them, there's another recent thread with the part number.

Install the upper balljoint nut and torque.

I have the Dana pages scanned here and here for reference.
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