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How to adjust upper balljoint???

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There is a threaded "split ring" type of devise that screws into the knuckle-yoke where the upper balljoint gets bolted up. Someone told me that this ring is turned to adjust the amount of force needed to steer the knuckle. Is this true? What is the procedure for adjustment???
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On my Dana 44 it IS screwed into the upper ear of main housing. I am not sure exactly what it is supposed to do, if you do not back it off as the directions on ball joint replacement dictate it is nearly impossible to reinstall the knuckle. I don't know if it is there to help facilitate the removal of the knuckle, but I do know if you unscrew it first it is near impossible to remove the knuckle.
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wetnsloppy4x said:
Lars nailed it.

You can get offset preload nuts to help correct for any alignment issues. When going through my D44 I pulled out a 2* nut on one side. The other side had a regular nut.
On a solid axle 44? Never seen such a thing,yet! Picture please.
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