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Brake bleeding

Don't start at the front brakes. That's just going to be an exercise in frustration.

The whole idea of bleeding hydraulic brakes is to either

a) purge old fluid that has become contaminated with water
b) purge air bubbles from the hydraulic fluid

Always start bleeding the system from the farthest point, and work up to the master cylinder.

For instance, in my 416 with dual circuit disc brakes:

circuit 1:
Rear right
Rear left
Front right
front left
first bleeder on master cylinder

circuit 2:
front right
front left
second bleeder on master cylinder

If you do not work from back to front, you will just be pushing air bubbles around.

Also, on a mog I've found that using either just a gravity bleeding or a pressure bleeder (one that screws onto the resevoir) works best. Vacuum bleeding just makes a lot of bubbles and doesn't work right.


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Yo Mogstink


YO, man welcome to Pirate. Good ta have ya on board. If ya get an extraornidarily good mog tech post over on your side feel free to send a link here. I'll send along a link to you of anything coolio here as well.
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