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I have searched and find the instructions on what all is needed to make a dana 300 twin sticked. Not sure of what all needs to come out and be ground down. Does anyone have a link with detailed instructions?:confused:

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1. Remove the knob and boot from the existing tcase lever.

2. Push the tcase lever all the way forward from inside the cab.

3. Remove the cotter pins from the two rods that hold the shift lever to the tcase.

Once you get them out, pull the rods out from the topside and the bracket that holds everything in place will wiggle free.

4. Remove the retainer nut that holds the lever on and remove the lever. You may want to remove this nut earlier to make getting the bracket off easier.

5. Remove the cotter pin and three washers from the pivot point rod on the side closest to the tcase/tranny.

6. I used a small crow bar to push the pivot rod away from the tcase/tranny. Once it was as far as the crow bar would push it, I used a pair of channel locks to wiggle it and pull it out the rest of the way.

7. Here’s what you have once the whole assembly is removed

8. I started the install by putting the levers up from the bottom and installing the large pivot point into the original pivot point spot. Note that one shifter are will go on each side of the pivot point on the passenger’s side. The driver’s side will no longer be used.

9. Next I connected the levers to the shifting rods on the tcase.

10. After testing that the levers shifted in all positions w/o hitting anything, I tightened it all up. Here’s what it looks like installed.

11. The whole thing took me about an hour.

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I agree...search.

The link posted above is for a Bronco 20 which is a little different then the Jeep 20.

Here is my rant from another thread here on Pirate that you could have searched for. :flipoff2:

Billavista article for tearing down and reassembling Dana 20:


Article for twin sticking a Dana 20:


This last article dealing with the twinstick is for a Bronco Dana 20, so the teardown and reassembly is different. Don't pay attention to that so much. The important part of this article is where to grind the shift rails for proper twin stick use. I am almost positive this was the info I used for my twin stick shift rail modifications, but you should double check just to be sure. I believe the shift rails for the Bronco 20 and Jeep 20 needed the some grinding/welding.

Or as another said about the Dana 20..."How about just use a twin stick D20 out of a Scout"


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While I was searching for a way to make some, I didn't find anything too useful, so I'm posting up mine to hopefully help in the future.

I made mine the simplest way I could think of. I had the usual twin stick kit, but I didn't like how it was so loose and had play in it.

-I used the pivot brackets by grinding out the front mounting holes, making them into a slide.

-The pivot brackets have a 5/8 hole so I just bought a 5/8 x 4.5" bolt, two washer, a lock washer and the nut.

-Found some cheap tubing that had an ID of 5/8" and slipped it over the two shifter rails and drilled a hole in them that matched the hole already in them.

-Cut up a bolt that would fit between the slide that I grinded out of the pivot brackets and welded them on 90 degrees.

-The last thing was to cut up some more tubing to space out the arms.

The lock washer makes it easy to find out how tight you like the resistance, so you can put some locktite on the threads and leave it alone. The only thing that I can see being a problem is that handles will be back more than usual so you might have to cut the floor out in that spot. I haven't mounted mine yet, but I don't foresee any problems.


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