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I'm new to this post, so let me introduce myself. My name is John, but my wheelin' buddies call me Slick Rock Red. (it makes reference to my passion,and hints at what little of my hair is still there) I live in the land of Red Rock i.e. Utah, and have been wheelin' most of my driving years. I started on dirt mountain roads at the age of 11 and been at it ever since. I have a 4x Chevy short bed "90" that's my primary ride at the moment. I love working on my truck and enjoy designing and building goodies for my rig. I'm the co-founder of an ad hoc four wheel drive club, we call ourselves The Ol Fart's 4x4 Club of America. The only criteria to join is to be close to old fart status; Around 50 years old, and have a passion for cool off hiway driving. At the moment our ranks have swelled to 6. But we still have room for a couple more. We're going to be doing a trail ride on Utahs famous Burr Trail on the 16th-19th of September. If you happen to see us out there, (we won't be hard to miss 6 old guys hangin out) stop and say hi. Or at least give us some pointers on gettin' unstuck :D LOL Hope to meet more wheelers here and swap some stories.
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